This week shopping @ Debenhams online

I normally buy things in store, as I can touch and feel the products. But this time, using the information provided by fellow bloggers, I bought 2 item from Estee Lauder and gained a few gift. However, for some unknown reason, the things are out of stock, so they just send me the gift. Futhermore, they have included 3 free sample as well, so nice XD

I saw this brand in Boots before. Apparently it is quite good and its from Spain. I want to try their products when they 1st came out, but the prices aren't cheap enough for me to buy immediately.

This time, Pure cosmetics are 1/2 price. So this eyeshadow palette is only £7.50. Cant wait to try out. XDD

This is the free set from Estee Lauder. I dont have good impression on its mascara, but this time, from the look of it, I think I may like it. lol
Also, cant wait to try out too......

(p.s. last week, I manage to get hold of the newANR and the individual foundation from Estee Lauder. So at the end, I manage to get try out most of the things from EL)

(p.s.s forgot to say, the IDYLLE perfume is really nice, worth to try ;-P)

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