Virgin Vie Cloud 9 Day Cream

Have anyone heard of Virgin skincare??

I don't think anyone will. By looking up the background online, it is runned by the Virgin company that we know for flights, Coke or CD store. Vie is similar to Avon, which mainly focus on mailing or internet order.

I got hold of the day cream sample though latestinbeauty.com. The 5ml sample lasted me for whole week, even though I put the cream on every morning. How long does a 5ml sample last for average?

Anyway, the 1st feeling is sticky. I much prefer a hydrating cream feels more like a gel than glue. This texture is more like a glue while I like the one fro Eucerin or Za. Also, my skin didnt absorb it straight away, so it is quite annoying as my hair sticks to my face.

Furthermore, I don't see any visible difference or feel difference. It does what it says for happy healthy skin. But the description of swiss glacial water and moisturising apple serum, I dont really fancy that. The smell of the apple serum, I suppose, isnt my cup of tea. It is really strange and I dont know how to describe it.

@ £17.50 for 40ml, it is rather too expensive while it does little. So I dont think I will buy this again.

Score: 50/100


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