Eye Lip Face = e.l.f. Part I

Wakakakaka... Finally, I bought my first lot of e.l.f.  Since lots of bloggers/ beauty forum users are really hot/ keen about this brand and some of the products have high recommendation due to its price and quality, I cant wait for the UK site to send me some decent offer.

I actually bought 2 lots, as I received another dicount after I sent out my 1st order.

I can't belive how cheap the products can be, for these 2 lots, I only spent £40, that's included delivery. It is even cheaper than the stuff I got from Body Shop recently... (and I finally realised that I have not take any photos for that order, even though 2 of the products are already gone off from my house and I am already using the brush and foundation @.@)

Anyway, I am off to try out when I put make up on...


p.s. the brushes are very nice, they are soft, volume, yet cheap, my god.

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