Care for Dry Skin in Winter II - produts available in stores (budget £20max)

Since I don't know what to put as the 1st photo, so I just search on google and find this. Hope there will be snow in london this year.

Since I have posted a article about the cream I am using at the moment for my problem, dry skin,  I will write the stuff that I have used before and found them efficient. Most of the stuff are found in Boots as I normally get my bottles and toiletries from there. Also, they are not expensive, around £20 max.

They are not in any particular order and I even use the Avon hand cream for my face when I am out and only got that in my bag. Also, I don't just put vaseline on my face as I don't belive it hydrates my skin, so I only use it as a protector - by putting a thin layer on top of any moisturing lotion that is not 'strong' enough to keep my skin moistursing.

Furthermore, Balm Balm face balm is the same as their lip balm, so can be use both face, lip and even hand and body. They have 3 choices: Rose, Tea tree and fragrance free. I like their Rose but I have the Tea Tree at home too.

So what'z next?


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