Care for Dry Skin in Winter I - Home Made Rose, Lavender Cream

Q: What is little pot about?

A: For my poor skin as the old dry, irritant problem has come back and revisited me again.

Basically, my skin is very sensitive and once it is irritated, rashes/ pimple type thing will just all over my cheek and chin area. So I have tired a few products that seem help to smooth the situation, which I will write up when I have K.O. my management readings.

I always forgot to carry my lotions as I don't normally bring a handbag out, so I actually found 2 good products from Boots accidentally when I decided I need some lotion on and can't wait till back home.

This is the recent luck.


Boots Traditional Skin Care Moisturising Cream (£3.xx for 200ml)

Aromantic Organic Lavender Water (around £2 for 100ml)

The Body Shop Rose Essential Oil (diluted in base oil)

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

A small, clean cosmetic jar (50p each from Aromantic)

A clean spoon/ specula


Lavender water can be any other brand or even replace with lavender essential oil. This is also apply to the Rose Oil, any rose oil can be used.

The amount of essential oils should be adjusted accordingly. I used 2 drops of Tea Tree, 14 drops of Rose and 20 drops of Lavender Water for a 15ml portion.

The reason that I add 2 drops of Tea Tree oil as it has an antifungal properties and use for skin infections. I always concern that my old skin problem isn't just skin irritant but other infections, so just add Tee Tree oil in case there's anything. (Although I did see a GP once and he said it wasn't any infections, only skin irritant by sunscreen lotion @.@)

According to the book Recipes for Natural Beauty by Neal's Yard Remedies, essential oils for dry and sensitive skin are rose and chamomile. That's why I use rose as I got the one with base oil, so it wont be too concentrate for my skin, as this is the 1st time I mix this.

Health advise

If the problem last for more than a week and no sign of healing, please seek proper medical help.

Do try this mixture at the inner end of the arm incase of skin irritant.

Also, most importantly, this is just my personal mixture, it may not suit you.

At last

What the texture of this traditional moisturising cream like?

Like those old, thick cream that probably your parents put on your skin when you were young. It's kinda like Baby cream/butter and it reminds me of the famous Japanese ointment, Oronine H Ointment (娥羅納英).
It claims to contain Vitamin A, E & Pro- Vitamin B5, which are the essentials for skin. Also, when I was tying this, I read the label more carefully and it said there's total Vitamin E content 6000mg for 200ml. That's a lot to me...

Although there will not be a lot of Glycerin as it is at the 2nd line on the ingredient list, I found it much nicer than those products suppose to be hydrated. This is because, in England, it's very easy to loss the moisture from the skin due to the heaters, therefore it is much ideal for me to 'seal up' my skin by using a layer of thin oil.

One last tip

I put Vaseline on my face before I go into the shower and wash my hair. This is because Vaseline acts as a protective barrier, it traps the moisture on my skin and the hot water won't able to remove the moisture and oil from my skin. But do have to wash it off with cleanser as I found it quite dirty to keep it on. (p.s. the current cleanser I am using at the moment is that Olay Total Effect Radiance Enhance Cream Wash (£5.86 for 150ml at Boots) which is quite good as it won't 'leave' my skin dry)

Sorry for dragging on, I am too 'talkative' and hope this helps.


p.s. Boots Traditional Skin Care Moisturising Cream
Score 75/100
(deduct point as it is quite thick, I won't use it daily unless my skin is really dry)

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