Magazine Freebie this Month!

As you can see, these are the freebies for the magazines this month! [Does anyone know why magazines tend to give out freebies when we are very busy for exams??]  I was lucky, I actually remember that Sainsbury was doing 3 for 2 for selected magazines and these 3 are the ones that in the list. Therefore, I popped down to my local Sainsbury to find them.
Although I actually prefer the other Cath Kidston tote bag and I have already got the similar muddy shade from nails inc (during the coca cola promotion), since its 3for2, then may as well. But actually, it turned out that the promotion ended yesterday (cheeky Sainsbury, as they know we will get the magz no matter what), but as I pointed out that the staff have not taken off the tag, then the manager kindly do the offer for me!!!!!

So will you get Easy Living for the Cath Kidston tote bag? Instyle for the Nails Inc nail polish (I actually like the orange shade a lot, damn= = )? And Marie Claire for the TBS body butter? (I am in love with the scent of Dream limited, I just bought the EDP and the shower gel, now with the body butter, I have my summer gear ready, as the smell reminds me of the sea and the breeze.... though the one from L'Occitane wasn't bad either @@)

x kyanvi x

p.s. next month, i heard that Glamour is doing Benefit freebies again! I simply can't wait, as I actually know a lot more of Benefit products as I collected the freebies every June (I think!)


  1. oooh i love the freebies.. too bad it's difficult to get hold of them where i live :(

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