Muji Eye Shadow Quad

This is the Muji eye shadow quad that my friend helped me to get in Muji in HK last summer. Compare with the western tendency of metallics, Japanese tend to have their eye shadow shimmery as they aim for effortless look. However, they are also decent pigmented as I made the swatches fairly easily. 

Furthermore, I like the design of the palette, as it is small and compact, easy to carry. Also the clear plastic design is very 'Muji', as they like things simple and minimal.

As you can tell from the size of the eye shadow, the bottom left is for highlight, bottom right is the eye liner. Top right is the eye shadow for the inner corner of the eye and the top left is for the outer corner.

x Kyanvi x 


  1. i love muji too! got a blusher of it hehe yeah minimalist packaging, good to be in handbag all da time!

    xoxo elle

  2. @ Elle, yea, if I have a fan of blush, then I will definitely collect them all

  3. do you know where can i buy it in UK?


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