Glossy Box

Apologise for the wired photo shape, I drag my photo from my weibo (Chinese equivalent twitter), I have just received my Glossy Box, as I saw it right outside my door!!!!!!

From the 1st outlook, I was already impressed by the quality of the gift box, as I normally received parcels in those plain old cardboard boxes, its good to see something different (haha... i just realise that i am quite shoppingholic) and I definitely will reuse the pink gift box to store my spare make up.

And for content for this month, I scared my friend, as I was talking to her on phone, and when I opened the box, I was quite speechless. This is because I was planning to purchase the NARS illuminator on Asos yesterday... and I am so so so pleased to received it!

For £10 per box, I have received: (L-R)
  • NARS illuminator in Orgasm - full size, RRP £21.50
  • Bionova Bioactive cleanser - 4ml, £ 0.86, as full size is £29 for 135ml
  • All for Eve lipstick - full size, RRP £10.50
  • Como Shambhala invigorate lotion - 50ml, £3.33 as full size is £20 for 300ml
  • Alterna Caviar rapid repair spray - 25 ml, £4? ( i didn't manage to find on its offical website, so this base on the prices that I can find on google shopping)
So in total, this month's box worth £40.19, while I have only paid £10!

What do you think of this???

x kyanvi x

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  1. OMG i have weibo too, but i dont update mine that much....lol look at the box full of goodies,i also have the nars illuminator in orgasm, and i luv it, its very pretty colour~~~



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