Glossy Box

When I was doing my daily internet surfing routine (?!), I bumped into a website called  Glossybox, so I did some googl-ing on this and apparently they have this in Germany and so saw a few youtube haul on this [ though i only managed to understand around 20%, as they are in german = =]

Bascially, what this company does is that by paying £10 per month, you will receive a box of samples, which I saw on other's haul was 5 travel size items and from the stuff that they got ( see the photo below), it looked like they are worth more than £10, if you calculate each item by volume/ weight compare with the full size products in their RRP.

So I thought it's not a bad idea to give it ago. Apparently the next box is coming up around mid May, so I will post another post for that when I received it.

Also, they have a video on you tube explaining what they do, but as I don't want to advertise it as I have no connection with them and that I haven't received the products from them before, so no guarantee what will come up.

Anyway, if you like to purchase new thing every month or you love to collect mini size and samples, then this may be ideal for you!

x kyanvi x

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