Sleek 'Find Your Perfect Match' Foundation Chooser Day (last Monday)

Since I planned to go to Russell Sq on Monday, so I just pop into Sleek Foundation Matching Day with my friend. I was quite surprised that my friend now has a slightly paler skin than I do, so I think I should start looking for whitening products again, sigh...

Anyway, I am definitly looking forward to the new colour range as they are really amazing. From only 17 shade, Sleek has increased than shade choices to 30! How wonderful for a high street brand. As I forgot to bring neither my phone nor camera, so I have to borrow my friend's phone to take a quick photo.

6 more paler shade introduced, but, Sleek focus more on the darker shade as you can see on the right hand side. For people who are paler than shade shell (which is the middle one on the 2nd role from top on LHS), here's your good news, as there are 4 more shade introduced.

I used to be in shade shell, but now, suggested by Sleek's MUA on that day, Barley should be my new love (which is between Shell and Sand).

Also, as well as the usual light refureshment, Sleek gave out goodies bags on that day. Not just 1 i-divine eyeshadow palette, but 2! and they are all limited edition too! Thanks so much!! Now I have collection the latest circus as well as 2 eye shadow dust and a card holder!

So have anyone been there too?


p.s. as I am getting married soon, just realise that there's so many things to do, so maybe a slight delay in update. But keep in touch~


  1. heya great post =) i was just wondering how you go to one of these events as i'd love to! started using sleek products a while back and would love to see what else they have. thanks xxx


  2. @starsglittermagic, check out sleek's facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/#!/SleekMakeUP


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