My Brushes… finally got time…

Finally I got time to type reviews. I was stuck with my contract law at the moment.. seems so complicated.....=.=///
From Left to Right:
  1. Lancome Retractable Lip - bought that in US for USD$5. I have used other lip brushes before, and all those are mini one.... This is not the best one I have used, I love the mini Dior lip brush that I own, as the amount of brush hair is small and few. But the hair is actually nice and soft.
  2. Kate Eyeliner - bought with the gel eyeliner. I haven't used other eyeliner brushes before, so not sure whether it is good or not. But at least did the job and it is soft too.
  3. Ruby & Millie Angled - it is one of my favorite one as I found angled one very useful. It can used for brows and eyeliner too. The only problem is that it is quite hard and I have to use it quite lightly when I apply stuff on eyes.
  4. It is same as brush 3. I bought it because it is quite cheap, as only £1 per brush by using Boots £5 voucher.
  5. Ruby & Millie Eye Sweep - bought this when there's a Boots £5 voucher. In the 1st place, I found the hair very hard, after a few wash and some hair conditioner, the hair softens a bit. Normally I used it for base eye shadow and use it for 'sweeping' - to clean around the mistakes or 'dirts'.
  6. Manning's Angled - bought this when lots of bloggers in HK recommended it as a cheap source to buy brushes.
  7. The Body Shop Eye Shadow – this is my 1st brush which I bought in a Body Shop outlet store. It is very nice and it become my standard to select brushes. I prefer  this version from Korea than the china one before as the steam is more matte...@.@
  8. Manning’s Eye Shadow – this is very nice as the hair is soft and short. Perfect to brush on my new Revlon Eye Primer (from pound shop!!)
  9. Ruby & Millie Mascara Wand – just a plain normal mascara wand, nothing special, just use for remove excess mascara and its cheap, as I get it for free with Boots voucher.
  10. Ruby & Millie Eye liner – this is my 1st eyeliner brush, but I much prefer angled ones, so I use this more for eye shadow instead of eye liner nowadays.
  11. No. 7 Concealer -  this is good enough for me atm, so I am not looking for new concealer brush. However, the hair aren’t that soft, so beware when using it at the corner of eyes.
  12. Manning’s concealer – I haven’t really use it yet, so don’t know how is it. However, from the look and texture, it is a good concealer brush XD
  13. No. 7 Concealer – this is my 1st concealer brush, but it is too small for my dark circle and eye bags, that’s why I have move onto other brushes above. However, for the edge of the nose, it is the best though, as its pointed head.
  14. Everyday Mineral – this comes with my EM concealer set. The quality is really good and for USD$10, it worths as I think its natural animal hair, not synthetics.
  15. Everyday Mineral Angled – for USD$8, i am lovin’ it. This is the best brush I ever have at the moment. I use it for blushes, shading and even foundation. So glad that I bought this when I order mineral foundation though EM.
  16. No. 7 Powder – I personally don’t like this brush as even I have washed it many times, there’s some strange smells and the hair keeps dropping off.
  17. Ruby & Millie Foundation – maybe it’s just me or this brush isn’t good. When I apply liquid foundation on with this brush, I don’t think the foundation is as even as it is if i apply with hands or sponges…
  18. The Body Shop Foundation (which is not shown, as it is new)  Similar problem with this brush as to the R&M one, but the problem isn’t as big as R&M due to the size difference and the amount of hair.

So, what do you think?


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