Biotherm Biosource/ Aquasource Series I

Think lots of ladies will know, or even the 1st correlation with Biotherm is their Aquasource/ Biosource Series Skin Care Prodcuts, and in the next few reviews, I am going to share my experiences.

Yesterday, when I was in shower, I just thought, there's always fate or 緣份 as the chinese said to meet the particular skin care product in time. This is because our skin condition changes often due to the weather, the food we eat, the life style we adopted at the moment. The reason I said that as my old skin irritant problem revisited me again this week, and I have to use products that are as mild, as moisturising as they can be.

So its a good time for me to revisit the Aquasource series again.

Furthermore, lots of people said it's no point to try out testers/samples as they don't give a full image of the effect of the products. However, it is so untrue to say so as how long would you like to try out the products before you decide to buy them, 1 day? 1 week? or even 1 month?

But it is quite impossible, normally we cant even try them at Boots, Superdrugs or other similar shops. For more expensive, luxury brand like Channel, Dior, you can only try that on your hand or even face for few mintues when the beauty assistant persuading you to buy it...

Therefore, I am not saying by using small samples/ testers can tell the true effect of the products, but at least you can feel the 1st impression that they brings you.


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