Biotherm Biosource/ Aquasource Series II

1st Step
Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Gel

Apparently, this is no longer available as Biotherm replaced this with another cleansing foam. But since I am a very slow user, I still got this at home.

(Out of topic, for any bloggers that can read chinese, the beauty guide on elle.com.hk is quite good as it has descriptions on almost every main brand products on there. But not the ones you can find in those Parallel import shops...)

Instantly removes dead cells impurities Visibly helps even out the complexion Provides a in-depth yet thorough exfoliation Promotes brighter, clearer appearance

My opinion
The texture is colouress, pale yellow gel and its very easy to form foam. It is good at removing oil as I use this after using DHC Cleansing Oil, but my skin isnt dry but stays moisturise. So it's my favourite at the moment since the old problem has back...

To be continue...


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