Quick Update

Just pop into Croydon this afternoon, as I am still looking for a flat to move =.= /// After the viewing, went into the shopping centre and finally got the time to pop in the 'new' (it has been open for months already) shop called Tiger. Tiger is a homeware shop from Denmark, it is sort of a crossover of Paperchase x Ikea x Habitat. The things aren't expensive there and quick cheap, around a few quid for an item.

Bought this hourglass for only £1! and can be used to measure three mintues, which is the ideal length for you to brush your teeth. Hope this little gadget helps, as I sometimes can be quite lazy with the brushing teeth routine... oops... =.=///

I know this is a 2008 Limited Edition, but I could not resist to get this back home... as I really like the case. If I can finished the content or remove the content as it is quite old for shelf life wise, I think I will get a watch as stick it in the case and can be used as a pocket watch!



  1. yay Tiger is in the UK now? Used to looove it when I lived in DK! xxx

  2. @ Nic, it is. There are 5 stores in total, one in basingstoke and 4 in london!


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