Sleek i-divine Graphite Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Out of all 11 Sleek i-divine mineral eye shadow palettes, I think this is my 2nd (?!) favourite as I really like to do smokey eyes if I have the occasion. ;-) This palette is perfect for this as it has a range of white, silver, black and purple/blue.

Sad that it is a limited edition palette and that I didn't find this out when it was available on shelf @.@  But I was so glad that I have won the competition that run by Sleek and have won this back home!

Closer look


So which is your favourite sleek palette??



  1. These are all the colours i would use daily! I love this palette! xo

  2. @Victoria, really?? I tend to use earthy tone as I wear a blue contact lens that is already quite stand out. lol

  3. i am in love with this pallet! i agree with Victoria and these are colours i would wear probs everyday as i love a smokey eye and think they can still be perfect for everyday. i think this one will become my favourite pallet =) x


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