Primark Little Glow Cheek

Went to Primark around 2 weeks ago, just saw these on reduction, and did not resist the idea to buy them and they only cost me £1.50!

Forgot to take the photo for the packaging, but it is just plain pink plastic cover.

This is similar to the famous Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick or the similar cheaper version MEMEME bronzer, though the Bobbi Brown one is much much nicer and the Primark one has less finer powder. lol


I personally found the orange stripe is too orange and the rest of the brown stripes are bit too reddish, so I don't think I will use it that much... qutie a waste... sigh...

Well, even though it is quite cheap, don't think I recommend this and rather save up to get a Bobbi Brown one instead.



  1. I got this from Primark and thought the same thing! Far too orange! But some of their other beauty items are fab! xxx

  2. @Nic, yea, totally, I love lots of them, but sadly, this is not quite my cup of tea.


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