Eye shadow collection....

I was browsing some chinese beauty forums just now and there was a topic about how much eye shadow you have at home, so I digged up the ones that are on my shelf at the moment, and not included the one still in my 'storage' box, and I am shocked by the number that I own. ;-P

Gosh,,, they look small here, but much bigger if you see them in real life... like cover 1/6 of my double bed...=.=

From these, Sleek palette's are good and pixi palette is good in quality. I don't recommend NYC, instead for the small range, I recommend e/s from e.l.f.

Laura Galler and Stila are good in mineral e/s, but they are bit on the higher end... as they are not cheap.

Don't like my dior palette as I don't think they are easy to use, not sure whether it is due to the fact that they have fewer pigments.

Barry M and model own pigments are good, but they took me quite a long time to press, so unless you want to do some serious DIY, I suggest you not to do so.

Revlon Colour Stay is good, which I have depot into the muji plastic case at the RHS corner.

Bourjois e/s are very nice too, but seriously for £4/5 each, I rather get a sleek i-divine palette or a Revlon colour stay quads as you get more from that. lol

Also, Maybelline Mouuse e/s is nice as a temporay base too, and it was so cheap as I bought it from poundland. ;)

So how big is your collection??


p.s. ohhhh... forgot to mention, The Body Shop e/s are so-so quality, I think, so only recommend when they are on sale!

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