Trick in the Bag - Interdental Brushes

I can't remember where I have saw this trick, so sadly, can't give any credit to the clever lady who though of this. Anyway, these interdental brushes aren't just good for your teeth, but also your lashes.

As you probably have experienced before, normal mascara wand are bit big compare with the eye lashes, so corners and lower lashes are quite hard to reach without getting the area dirty. So these are handy for these situations.

Brush your interdental brush on your mascara wand, so that it is cover with mascara and just apply the mascara with this small brush as you use the normal wand. Also, these are much more handy to tidy your lashes if they are entangled.

I bought these from Superdurg for £2 for 2 and they do 2 sizes: 0.45mm and 0.5mm.

Personally prefer the 0.45mm, but I think 0.5mm is more useful to put in the makeup bag as 0.45mm is a bit too small for the upper lashes.

Well, what do you think of these? and have you have any other tricks with the lashes and mascara??



Speak if you wish, it would be a pleasure to read.


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