Maybelline Pop Up Shop

Sorry for being MIA this month, as I am still looking for a flat to rent!

Anyway, from my previous post, click here, I went to the make up class at the Maybelline Pop Up Shop at Covent Garden.

I forgot to bring my camera along, but even I got a decent quality camera phone, I was not keen to take any though, as I found it rather useless.

I am not acting/ pretending professional, as I have not went for any class or have practical experience, other than do make up on myself. The info and tips the make up artist give out were not something that can wow me. If we are not into blogging and got no youtube make up guru, etc, then I think you may probably found the info amazing.

Also, I didn't particular like the way the MUA 'sell' the new gel liner they are going to have next spring. Seriously, Maybelline has promote that in Asia for more than a year now and maybe it is not that popular here in Europe, but there are numerous brand doing this in Asia, like Kate, Kanebo, Clinque, L'Oreal, etc, and even Maybelline has a gold colour eyeliner in China as well.

Furthermore, I am a consumer that will check the origin of the product. Living in UK means I have most of my toiletries and cosmetics made within EU for multinational company, e.g. L'Oreal products are made within EU here while make in China in Asia. So for the same product that make in Korea, I would rather ask my friends to get it for me in Asia as it is cheaper there.

At last, the last thing is that they only did 2 looks, one on a black lady and one on a white lady. As you know, Asian women have significant difference in the facial feature, so it is quite pointness for me as I rather grab a book to read or watch a youtube video online.

So how about you? What do you think?

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