Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

Just finished this pack today, so quickly update my view on this product.

As I don't tend to use facial wipes daily, it took me quiet awhile to finish it. I use these wipes as a quick way to remove makeup, but this wipes do not remove my makeup totally if I put on heavy makeup, like yesterday, lot of my Estee Launder Nutritious foundation were still on my face provided that I have already spent a day out and washed my hair and shower, I though some of the foundation should be gone already due to these activity, but still there's quiet a bit left overs when I used a cotton pad with toner to wipe my face.

Also, not sure has anyone have such problem before, but when I used wipes, my skin around the cheek area tend to be slightly irritant right after using the wipes, though this does not happen all the time, but the brands I have tired, all of them have such problem. @.@ So I am still looking for my ideal one... sigh.

As one of the best selling wipe making brand in UK, I do recommend this if you only want to remove small amount of makeup, I tend to use this when I want to change the look or correct any mistakes. Also, it is rather cheap, around £1.xx for 25 wipes and can be bought easily.

Score 70/100

What do you think of this?


p.s. I am heading to the Tesco Vitamin E wipes tomorrow, cant wait to try out, as it is so cheap, yet I have heard good comments though!

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