Boots Expert Sensitive Daily Defence Moisture Cream SPF12

Since it is so sunny everyday, sunscreen protection is needed almost every single minute. As I am kind of allergic to sun screen lotion (due to the fact that my skin will be dried up and even have rashes sometimes after I have used sun screen lotion during the day), a day cream with spf seems to be my good alternative, as I didn't allergic to spf foundation/ face primer.

The packaging is nice and simple with a pump dispenser which is fairly hygienic. I normally only need 2 pumps to cover up my whole face and neck. I have been using this for around 1/2 a month and my skin is perfectly okay and still remind soft and hydrated as it claims to contain aloe vera and vitamin E.

Though it is fragrance and lanolin free, it still contains paraben which may be a hugh no-no for some people. 

Anyway, on the lighter side, it is on offer at the moment at Boots, only 2 for £4 and they are 100ml each. So it is rather a bargin. 

The reason that I have delayed my review on this product is that I was quite lazy and just want to use it for a bit longer before. But since I have already repurchased 2 more bottle, I think it is time to write this. But seriously, I quite like this, so I am highly recommend this!



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