Front Hair Fringe Grip

I have seen this for a while among Asian bloggers and I was quite temped to get them when I back in HK (or ask my bf to get that for me in Singapore, but then, it is not the most ideal thing to ask a man to get things as they always get the wrong stuff...sigh) So I bought them ebay instead. Since there's so many sellers online, so I am not going to put the one that I bought from, but do look for a high positive seller, and that they only cost around HKD$2 (around 10p+/-) for a pair, so from my view, with postage, it should not cost more than £1 really.

So what's these?

They are like those magic tapes on clothing, with small nylon hooks, so they can grip your hair and hold it in postition without leaving any mark like the tradition hair clip does.

Highly recommended. 
(shall I use another word for this as I have already wrote 3 good reviews in a row...;-) )



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