Sleek Pout Polish

This is my 2nd favourite lip product at the moment! I only bought this as I have read lots of good reviews  amounts the bloggers and that Sleek has come out 2 limited edition at the moment. After I tested the new limited edition, I am in love with it too, so bought a 2nd one when I pop into Superdrug to get one for my friend.

This Sleek Pout Polish is like a tinted lip balm and it contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract and Vitamin A, C and E  which are really good for moisturising. Also, it includes SPF15 to help protect the lips from sun exposure. 

LHS: Raspberry Souffle (LE)
RHS: Perfect Plum


I use these pout polish when my lips are dried or when I am just lazy to put on full make up. Also, they are highly pigmented, I only need a really tiny bit to cover my lips. The staying power on me isn't really good, as I have to reapply around every 2hours, but it apparently really stays on my friend's lip. lol

For £3.99 a pot, this is highly recommended as this is a good combination of lip gloss and lip balm.

Are you interested after all these good reviews?



  1. I also love the Raspberry Souffle Pout Polish. It's the best thing I've ever used so far for my lips. But Lemon Meringue isn't my cup of tea. I'll add it to my giveaway box as none of my friends would wear a yellowish lip balm. :-(

  2. @Mylanqolia: seems everyone really like that, as they are sold out very quickly in the Superdrugs near my place.


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