Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation In One

For today and tomorrow, I will be updating reviews on foundation. Firstly, Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation In One. I bought this at Boots when they discontinued most of the Cargo products. It was such a bargin as they are only £2 each and still available for the 3for2 offer!

This really reminds me the way that I put on foundation years ago when I was just18. I used to just put foundation on the problem areas such as dark eye circle and around the month as it is slightly darker in those areas. This product is a gem that I was exactly looking for years ago, but still I am in love in this now, as this is the best product to bring along for short holiday.

I rather say it has low/ medium coverage and has a concealer brush tip. But still, can be layer without looking too much make up. When I use it as a concealer, I will use the brush, but when I use it as a foundation, I will squeeze the product out from the tube as using the brush tip is too troublesome.

Sadly, we can buy this at Boots anymore, so either have to find a new place to buy or get it in the States/ Canada, or found another product. @.@



p.s. Just found out a useful imagine on Cargo Official Site, have a look.

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