Almay Line Smoothing Compact Makeup

This is my current favourite foundation at the moment too! As you can see, mine already 1/2 done in 1 month as I tend to use this these few weeks. I bought this at Beauty Rocket for £3.xx, though they are now on promotion for £2 only!

They only have ivory available there, but since it is quite hard to find Almay products in UK, so I just give a try, though Neutral (which is in yellow tone instead of pink tone) is more suitable.

As you can see, it is more in a pink tone, while my skin is more netural/ yellow undertone.

It has a creamy texture that can be spread easily with the sponge provided. I think it has a medium/ high coverage as it is highly pigmented. It claims to be hydrating with extracts of cucumber and a blend of green, red and white teas for triple antioxidant protection. Personally, I found it is quite smoothing especially when my skin is quite dry in the morning. Downfall is that for my age, in early twenties, it cannot really 100% smooth my lines around the eye and mouth, so don't think it will be any good for ladies who have more trouble with lines.

Sadly there isn't nay offical sales point for Almay, if not it will be much ideal to try out the colours. Also, as it is not 100% line smoothing, so I don't think I will recommend anyone who is concern about lines, though I found it is excellent for dry skin.

Score 70/100

Have you try out any products by Almay? And where you bought them?


p.s. it is kind of wasteful to throw the compact away, can anyone tell me when to get a refill for that?

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