Groupon Deal - The Body Shop

Once I have received the email from Groupon, I dashed to the nearest The Body Shop store and bought a lots of things for £11.50! Well, technically. £23.50, as I have paid £12 for the £30 voucher, but still, it's an amazing bargin!!!!!

I have finally bought the limited edition eye shadow palette! Also bought a mineral powder foundation, as they are doing special offer; buy any 2 make up products and you will get a carbon eye liner for free!

Then I realise they actually sell sharpener for jumbo pencils, for the size of their concealer pencil, but it will be handy for other pencils anyway!

Also bought another lip butter, as I love their lip butter! [see previous post here] As I only need £1 to reach the £40 target, then I just browsed around the store again and realised that for their limited edition bag for life, it's included 4 mini samples and 2 voucher! So i thought for £2.50, it's amazing cheap, so just grab this as well... Not sure whether this applies to other stores as I haven't seen them before. So for the free present, I can choose any mini size body butter, and I have chosen strawberry one as if body butter is on sale, it's the fastest to go.

So what do you think? Amazing right?

I still got 1 more voucher to use :) but I think I will save that for skincare, but as I am not too keen on the Chamoile Eye Makeup Remover that they are giving out at the moment, I think I will save it for another offer.

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