Bach Emotional Eating Kit

I saw the £2 off voucher on Boots H&B magazine, then I actually keen to try this out. After looking out in several Boots in my area, I can only found this in the biggest Boots store nearby.

Apparently these 3 bottles contain herbal essences that can help you for the following:

  • Crab apple - acceptance of yourself & your imperfections
  • Cherry plum - to think and act rationally
  • Chestnut bud - gain knowledge from your experience
If these essences can do what they claim to do, then I actually think this is a workable formula, as for me, I sometimes eat more when I am stress or upset, seems eating can 'fill' the hollow in my heart, or it's a way to distract me from thinking of the bad things. So if they help me to act rationally and think positive, this will help me out, even if not losing weight, at least not gaining any weight.

In the instruction leaflet, 2 drops of each essence may be taken directly from the bottle, or dilute in a glass of water, and to be taken 4 times a day. However, (although this sounds bad), I am not going to take this 4 times a day, but 2 times a day, as I don't want to bring them to work @@.

Hope I got good result, wait for my report, or get yours before the voucher expire on the 22nd Feb.

So interested?


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