Magazine Freebie this Month!

Sorry for not showing up and update for this long. There wasn't any internet access in my place till last month, then, since I haven't update for a while, just not used to the habit any more @@ Anyway, hopefully I will able to get back to the routine again.

Walked into WHS today, then saw this month Elle is giving out free Neal's Yard Remedies Eyeliner, which is worht £9.50 RRP. I have checked online, there're 3 colourer available, but they are only giving out the black one.

I have tested on the eyeliner, it's not the cream / gel one that I like (e.g. Gosh Velvet Touch); it is more like Kohl to me. Also, it claims only 37% organic ingredients. So I personally will be pay £9.50 for this. However, £3.80 (the price for this magazine), I think it's worth to pick it up on your way to the weekly grocery shopping.

Also, one thing that I need to mention before I dash off, if any Elle's staff saw this, can you improve the way the freebie stick on the magazine? As it's very, really I meant it, hard to get it off from the front page. The amount of glue that they have use is ridiculous.

So what do you think? Get it or not?

Have a nice weekend, and belated Happy Chinese New Year!


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