I am already writing shopping post at the start of the week! O.M.G.

Well, i meant to pop to Superdrug to check out the new Sleek Primer Palette... But I actually not keen to buy it.. instead, I check out other foundations in the store as I realise I have hit the pan of my sleek creme foundation compact. At the moment, I have discovered my favourite type of foundation. I am so into creme compact foundation, as its so quick and easy to apply before work.

Since I have heard good comments on the PhotoReady line, so I just want to try it out. Also, I heard lots of comments on the lipsticks, since there's a 3 for 2 offer at the moment, so may as well pick this up, as I am going to get the eye shadow palette as I am so into the brown colour now!

Secondly, just want to share my favourite cookies. M&S' Pistachio & Almond cookies is my favourite, I roughly ate already 3 packs since the start of the year! Since it's on promotion, so I just give Lemon Meringue a go, as I have tried the apple crumble cookie.


  1. the primer palette from sleek looks pretty bleh to me from the swatches post all around :X but i'd love to hear what you think on the PR foundation! :)

  2. It would be rude not to try a new flavour of cookie if it's on offer wouldn't it!! ;)


  3. @Jennifer, I have start using it, so hopefully not long.
    @Caroline, Yes!


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