Murad Blogger Event II

Finally! Coz I only used my SE cyber-shot  camera phone, so I can only take photos during the day, which is slightly impossible with full time office work =[]= [well, technically, if the room is bright enough, SE phones are still good, but I have a strange habit of keeping the room dim @@]

Anyway, here's the products that I have took away with me. As I only have spot rarely, I have managed to find a friend to become the 'white lab mouse' for me. However, as she does not live in London, until I meet her during Easter, so the review for this line will be postpone... =[]=

I have flipped though the book, which I found it interesting to read, so I will write a review for that and hopefully share some of the new info that I have learnt later on. [ as I am still working on my essay, so if I have time to read, I got to read my law books]

Also, as well as Murad, I have been given a set of Doctor's Brand. For this set, I am going to ask one of the boys in my office, but not sure whether he will be keen on this or not. If not, I will do a giveaway for this set.

I have took a few photos during the event, but as the quality was very bad, so I only save this one. Marriott hotel in Country Hall is really nice, as you can see the Big Ben easily. The event room is very classic, it's actually looks like a library to me instead. lol

I have seen the pitcher of health somewhere in the book, I think, so once I managed to find it out, I will take a more clear photo. Also, this is the Smoothie that I am keen to try, so just took a photo of this and see whether have anyone tried this before!

Well, this is my review on the event, what do you think of this? [ coz this is my 1st time to attend a blogger event !]

At last, thanks Elle, the senior press officer of Doctor Brand, for this!

x Kyanvi x

p.s. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  1. I missed this event and I was gutted cause it sound like a good no fuss serious skincare brand and would have loved to find out more.

    Let us know how the products work out for you.


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