Paul & Joe Eye Color Palette III

Apologise for the delay, seems this week has passed so quickly.

So the 3rd brown colour eye shadow palette is Paul & Joe Eye Color Palette, which is an limited edition for Christams 2 years ago.

I wasn't really into Paul & Joe before, as I much prefer minimal packaging and I wasn't keen on patterns and floral, which is the impression of Paul & Joe for me when I was young. But since time passed by, I actually more into these floral patterns(?)!

Although we can't buy most of the Japanese brand in UK, other than some in Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols, you can buy Paul & Joe on asos.com and I heard from Fenwicks in Bond Street.

Although it's quite typical japanese style where the colour is not as strong as other western brand, the colour is stronger than the muji one, as it is less shimmer, though still give a sheen finish.

Also, this come with a typical sponge/foam applicator in one end, while a proper round end eye shadow brush on the other. [ which I only realised that when I took the photos, I have took the brush to wash @@]

This is the clearest swatch that I have made, the middle eye shadow shouldn't be this orange, yet when I upload the photos, it turned out like this @@

And for the price-wise, I think it was £28RRP, but I got hold of it when it was only £8 something. If it is £28, it is slightly on the expensive end, but it is still worth a while (at least the packaging, as I really like this purple plastic box!)

x kyanvi x

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