This week shopping

Actually I have bought more than these this week, but the only reason I put this up as I just read lots of reviews on the L'oreal Youth Code recently, and I just suddenly keen to try this out later!

Also, I have just realised that Boots tend to overcharge these days, as for the Olay Total Effect Tinted Moisturiser, at my local Superdrug, it is only £12.99, while at Boots, it is £17.99. And for the Youth Code, it is only £14.99 in Superdrugs while it is £24.99 in Boots. Also, although both stores are doing 3 for 2 on skincare at the moment, there' more reason to shop in Superdurg as if you completed the feedback survey which is at the back of the voucher, then you will save 10% or 25%. Therefore, for all these 3, I have only paid £24.xx, so only £8+ each! Isnt this wonderful!!!

So what do you think??

x Kyanvi x

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