Stila Eye Shadow Trio

I first seen this eye shadow trio on Jojoba's blog, and I then kept looking online to get hold of this as you know, Stila has left uk market....and it is a good buy.

It is a bake mineral eye shadow, which meant that they can be used ethier wet or dry, though I only use it dry as they give a good soft metallic colour. Also, it can be used as a mix colour or 3 separate colour.

Compare with the Tiramisu from Laura Geller that I have got, this is a much lighter tone and it is great to use at all, as I can complete my look quite easily.

And last brown eye shaodw palette to go tomorrow!

x kyanvi x

p.s. as I am heading to Singapore this Saturday, my reviews will be temporliarly suspended unless I can use my partner's phone to upload stuff.

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  1. this trio looks pretty easy to work with and work-safe!


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