Brushes from Taiwan

I was keen to get hold of this brand, 林三益(LSY), but wasn't as keen as google and see whether I can find a buy in UK until this flower series!

林三益 is a traditional ink brush maker in Taiwan. As you may know, traditionally, chinese use ink brush since 475BCE, and this brand is one of the famous ink brush maker. If you have done Chinese calligraphy before in school, you will know how important the quality your ink brush is, which is the same as the importance of your make up brush.

With a reasonable price (i.e.£22+/- for a MAC 188 equivalent) . and that they are hand made,  I always keen to get hold of this, but now I am even more keen than ever =[]=

Think you will be more keen if you see the rest of the series:

my 1st fav

my 2nd fav

my 3rd fav


I am very =[]=

x kyanvi x

p.s. photos taken from one of the LSY retailer:http://amazing-palace.blogspot.com


  1. Laura: I managed to find websites that sell their normal range, but no the flower series. but then I managed to find a seller who can post to uk!


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