Crown Brush - Not impressed, don't even border

Crown brush, I heard of good reviews before, and heard that coastal scents brushes are from crown brush too.. So I have planned to get my hands on them for ages... However, I was put off by the postage, £5 for delivery is a bit too much for me [well same applies to Space NK, which I will only purchase online rarely =[]=] As there's a special discount on the postage, I decided to give it ago. Although the delivery was fast, I was quite disappointed with the quality of the brush.

Although the quality of the fibres for this Large Duo Fibre Face brush are okay, I was so disappointed with the quality of the brush as a whole. You can see from the 2 photos above, the black hair suppose to be shorter than white ones, but for here, obviously they forgot to trim all of them, as I found 3 strpies that are not trim.

The reason that I didn't require a return as I could not be border as I checked online, for returns there's a charge for it [ that's applies if you changed your mind], but there is not any information about if the brushes are   damage during transit or when it come out of the factory.

For £9, I think I will rather purchase one from Sigma, as the 2 duo fibres that I have are much better.

Same applied for the angle fluff brush, one of the fibre is not trimmed properly, it is 2x longer than the rest. By the time I checked the brushes, I was so disappointed that I know I have to write this review before the others that I have in mind, as I totally discourage you to get things from there.

But, otherwise, for £2 this is still okay to me

For the Blush brush from the Basic series, I was shocked that the brush has been pressed so hard in their warehouse, the shape changed. I purchased brushes online from e.l.f., everyday mineral, sigma before, but none of them arrived like this! =.=// Although the shape changed back to what it suppose to look like after I wash it, when I washed it, it was another horror.

I actually ran out from the toliet to take this photo. The foam of the shampoo turned grey and tiny hairs felt out of the brush. I was shocked, as none of my brushes dropped so many as you can still see some on my balm.

For £4, I seriously recommended e.l.f. instead.

Furthermore, these 3 brushes are from the same range, but the Mini Blush brush does not have the name printed, this is rather confusing, but oh well, after all the shocks that I have, this does not really border me... Sigh....

Well, it is not totally wasted of money as at the end of the day, after a wash, the brushes are okay, still useable, but for £18.54 in total, which included p&p, I seriously rather get brushes from e.l.f. studio range or try their new bamboo range.. Sigh... quite regret now.

So, I totally NOT RECOMMENDED to get brushes from Crown brush any more!

x kyanvi x


  1. Such a shame :/ Thanks for the warning! I have no idea why Crown brushes have become so popular. Sigma and Elf brushes are really nice and affordable, I own many from both companies :) x

  2. @ Stavroula, totally! I can't believe at all


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