Quick Update before I forget!

This evening, I went to the Murad's blogger event in Waterloo and met a few lovely bloggers, which I hate to say, I only reconise Charlotte from lipglossiping.com, as I am very bad at remembing faces... [which I have no idea that I managed to suffer in an office when people come in & go all the time @@] Anyway, I have also met Dr Murad and have known a little bit about his book and Murad's product.

So I need to thank Elle for the invitation!

[p.s. photos later!]

* courtesy of  Pink Haired Princess

So this links to the second thing that I need to mention. I am so regret that I didn't pick up a cop of this month's Glamour in Waterloo station!!!!! In this month's Glamour, there will be a free sample of Clinique product and I really want to try their moisture surge for ages, as I think it's the expensive version of Za one, yet there's so many praises on this.

For more info, check out Pink Haired Princess' blog, as she has collected them all!

See you all tomorrow! As I got to go now... got work tomorrow!

x Kyanvi x

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