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As I mentioned on Sunday, this week will be my brown eye shadow week! For first, let's start with a recent popular one, as I think everyone has secretly has a crush on the special word ' Limited Edition'

As I have bought the Groupon voucher, so for now, it is cheap enough for me to pick it up. haha The packaging is not bad, as I am a fan of white palette. Also, it is not flimsy, but firm plastic,  which is good, as sometiems I foudn some of the palettes are very flimsy.

Inside, there are 4 eye shadow, one brown kohl pencil and a small eye shadow brush, which looks quite alike to their normal brush range.

The eye shadows are highly pigmented and tightly pressed., as for these swatches, I have just use my fingers and the colour come out easily as I have moist fingers. the texture is quite funny, as although it looks like powder, when I touch it, it is slightly creamy.

The brown kohl pencil is normal, soft and highly pigmented, but the only trouble for me is that I don't like sharp eye liners, so I have to draw at the back of my hands a few time before I can use it on my eyes.

Although the brush looks small, this is much better than those foam sponge applicator, and it is quite dense too!

I don't normally take any photos for the back, but the only problem is that TBS now produce their eye shadow in Thailand instead... @@ [ I still much prefer to have things manufactured in the EU]

So like this?

x Kyanvi x


  1. omg does TBS have all their e/s made in Thailand @@? I didn't notice that until you pointed out! lol i'll look in their stores next time!


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