Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow

 I actually got 2 duo eyeshadows, but I 'destroyed' one of them and this is the new one that I bought recently as I just suddenly turn my eye to browns. For £1.95, this matte coloured eyeshadow is good when you just want to get something new randomly or as a treat!

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, but not strongly pressed as when I use my No 7 eyeshadow brush, there will be a lot of the eye shadow fled around in the air @@ But the colour is good for work, with the latte colour all over the lid and the mocha colour for contour.

I will definitly get a few more if I managed to hit some eye shadows pan, as I realised that I actually bought too much recently, so definitely need to pause my spending =[]=

x kyanvi x

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