Review of Biore Cleasing wipes & Botanic Cleansing wipes

In the recent post, I bought Botanic Quick Fix Wipes and I said I will do a review on this product. So here it is.

You may thought, hand on, why you stick Biore's wipes instead above??

This is because... the Botanic Quick Fix Cleansing Wipe is NO GOOD.

I am not a wipe person, the one i have only used is Biore Cleansing Oil Sheets, since age 13. I have own around 2 mini packs. They are lovely. By the smell, the tecture of the sheet and the ability of removing makeup. Also, it isn't too expensive. (when i bought it few years ago, don't know the price now)

So whats wrong with this Botanic wipe???Bad points

1. this is not the cheapest one in Boots, a middle price label one.
2. it is very ROUGH.. seems like normal wet wipes are smoother than this!! we wipe this one face, cannot imagine... (i have already use 2 to test on in 2 different days... poor me)
3. it takes me really long to remove my Gosh Velet Eyeliner, which is waterproof.

Good points

1. it claims to be biodegradable, so good for environment-lovers
2. the remover does irritate my eyes.


1.Only try it when its a free gift and it is good for cleaning brushes and our hands after we tried comestic products outside.

2.Also, do try the Biore one if you travel/ live in Asia, I think they only sell this in Asia as it made in Japan. (even the product label is in japanese) They are available in Mannings, Watsons, Sasa, etc.

So, for the Botanic Cleansing Wipes 35/100
                 Biore Cleansing Wipes 65/100

looking forward to try out the other 2 that i just bought

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