This Week Shopping 2

Muji is one of my favourite store that I will visit when i need to or when I am bored... Just bought 3 quite essential things today...
1. the stack of case
use for my mixing medium, as i still want to found out the difference between using mineral water and distilled water. i cannot just let my shot glasses stay in the fridge as there isnt much space, so if i put into a stack, i can at least hide them in the drinks shelf.
also, my homemade honey mask always homeless. it always stays in the PS bowl that i used for mixing, so it can stay at the last jar of this stack.
2. transfer set
if anyone knows to press their pigments/ loss powder, then you will know the difficulties when you haven't got the proper tools at home. I know bloggers in HK suggest using the ice cream spectula that comes along with mini ice cream cups in 7-11. But there's no 7-11 and those ice cream in HK, so this mini set is quite useful.
In this set, there's a funnel and a pipette which are helpful for transfer liquid, i.e. alcohol for disinfections.
p.s. seems like a while, i havnt use pipette for ages.....
3. eye mask paper
I am not a mask person either...(seems i am not a _____person for all the time......omg....) this mask paper is good enough for me. the only main problem with my skin is the eye area, so i want to much focus on them. also, my cheekbone area is a trouble when i got skin irritant, as all the rashes are scattered around that area. also the sun burnt......@.@
as the size of the cheekbone is quite small, so i think this can be used as my cheek mask...hahaha

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