Primark Cosmetic Range Review

In the recent post, I said I bought 3 things from Primark, so here they are. I actually managed to take swatch and I tried the eyebrow powder and eyeshadow gel as well today. But, I didn't try the eyeshadow as I don't think it will work if I don't apply mixing medium.....

Okay, so why I don't use the eyeshadow??

Well, look at the photo below...

I use my Ruby & Millie Angled Brush to brush on my back of my hand. The powder is not refine and very clumsy. So I dont think its a good idea to use it dry. Also there isnt much pigment, most of the colour will be 'eaten' by my darken eyelid. So the only way is try with mixing medium later.... (means use the wet method)

Maybe my £1 wasted on the eyeshadow, but the brow kit worth for sure more than 50p. It is the miniture of the e.l.f studio brow kit. It is around 1.5x £2 coin size and includes 2 mini brushes.

The colour is light brown, not as good as my new Rimmel eyeliner, but before I have the Rimmel eyeliner, I use the mixture of light & dark brown eyeshadow as my browliner. Therefore, the colour is okay for me. The gel.... hmmm... i havent use any gel before, I have no idea how should it be... So no comment on that...

However!!! There is 1 thing i really like for this 50p product. It is the BRUSHES that i love most. I have a collection of lancome, Ruby & Millie, The Body Shop & Everyday mineral brushes. Compare with these brushes, these mini ones are really soft and nice. For 50p, it is good enough for me to get hold of these brushes as they are mini & cheap, good for my palette that i made before.

So at last, but not least, I tried the eyeshadow gel today... Seems a bit strange, it is kinda like putting lip gloss on the eye lid. I heard people do put lip gloss on as an eyeshadow when they go for swimming as they are really able to hold and waterproof.

Now I understand the effect. I haven't re-do my makeup today, my gosh eyeliners are almost gone and worn off, but msot of the purple stayed. Well, the crease line shown a bit as the pigment moved towards it. but in general, it really holds.

furtheremo, my eyelids are really dark compare with my rest of the face, so most of the eyeshadow is kinda faded when i put them on. but this shows quite well. so i think it is even a good buy when it is at its original price, £2 hahaha...


  1. How did you apply this? Did you put eyeshadow over it or use it as it was, and how much did you apply?


  2. do you meant the eye gloss? i just use it as it was, to add a bit of colour on the lid.


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