Ruby & Millies Lipsticks

Another shopping post....
Only have time to shop, but didn't have time to try out products...
L->R: Nude 810C & Orange 340P

I am not a lipstick person at all, so why i bought 2?

Only because they are on promotion. By using the Boots voucher and the extra voucher that can be printed off at the Boots Advantage Card kiosk, the price of the lipstick reduce to 50p, so only GBP1 in total!!!!!
So great!

Also, I didn't own a nude lipstick, so worth a go.

Compare with my Kose lipstick, the orange one looks very orange and the kose one looks rather pink base. The only reason that I bought a orange one is that my bf said orange suits me better compare with red or pink.. apparently... i kinda agree as for asian skin, we tends to have a yellower base, even for lips....
p.s. update on the 17/9
i used the nude one today, lovely. the colour is slightly darker and browner compare with my lip colour. but perfect, it blends in well and my make up looke quite natural and minimal... it wasnt really like nude as those adverts... but i like this kind of nude rather than pinkish nude like Nars Turkish Delight.

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