Sanctuary Hydrating Toner

Today when I woke up, I suddenly felt so dry. My skin is dry and lifeless... I put on lotion everyday and even I spray toner on in the morning before I apply my daily lotions. Not sure it is due to the age, as I am no longer teen, (as my brother told me one day after I turn 21) or the skincare products that I just started to use (as I have finish my old friends), my skin is not as good as it was before.
I pick up this at Boots yesterday. I want to get a mini bottle, as the one I bought in muji broken apart, which I will hopefully post it on later. But the price for a empty mini bottle is already around £1, so why don't I get a toner for £2.50, when I can use the product inside?
In the recent post, I bought paper eye mask from muji, so I need to hunt for toner for mask. After searching online, I found out that if you use toner for your paper mask, use the ones without alcohol as you apply the mask on your skin for at least 5mins, alcohol is bad for this suppose as it may irritates your skin. Thats why I bought this as it seems to contain no alcohol. (the alternative I think of is Simple, as it is like what its name is, simple)
I got a new idea when I login to blogger just now. I always want to try new things and tired of one thing quite easily. But the problem is that the skincare products tend to be large in volume (around 100ml) and for some reason, my rate of finishing them is very slow. (once, I bought the Za hydrating gel 1 school term earlier than my roomate, but she finished that 2terms before me @.@) So I just think the idea of gettin mini size is a good idea if the product isn't cheap. For those cheaper price products, like Simple, it doesnt matter if you buy the full size as it roughly cost the same.
for example,
Sanctuary hydrating toner is £2.50 for 50ml in travel size, full size is £5.87 for 200ml.
Simple smoothing toner is £1.23 for 50ml in travel size, full size is £2 for 200ml.
the price difference for simple is very small, so I will rather buy the full size as there's always discount or promotion in Boots or Superdrugs, and there isnt any discount on travel size. Also, if I actually like the product, I dont need to buy another full size. But if I dont find it useful, I can always use it on my hands & limbs as they are always dry.

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