Primark Cosmetics Range

Primark is well known for its cheap clothes and accessories. I am not a particular fan, but I do pop in sometime and have a browse (and of coz manage to get something out @.@)
Walked in Primark @ Oxford St this evening, as I was looking for underwears (and manage to buy something as well=.=//) Saw the new cosmetic line, the ones above and new packaging for their normal cosmetic. From the black Opia packaging to the white/ semi transparent packaging.
I saw the reduce sign from £2 -> £1, so I thought I may get some to try out, as it looks more promising to me. See, the powder/ effect of packing to consumer... bad for me....
it kinda looks like Benefit or Too Faced to me... hope its gonna be okay... as I search online, lots of people suspect primark's cosmetic will do harm to our skin.....
p.s. the 'normal', not the new line is still £1 and sometimes 50p.... so cheap... worth to try out new strange, out of safe zone colour if they work.


  1. hi my name is yoshii... im wondering if you can tell me where is the website for primark??? ive been tryin to search for the site but i cant find it.. i like there cosmetics it looks so cute.. please post where i can purchase thew... thankssssssss...

  2. @Yoshii, unfortunately, I dont think you can purchase their cosmetics online.

  3. its yoshii..
    thanks a million for the respond... its kinda sad.. i don't have friends in UK to ask me buy some primark stuff.. xoxo(**,)

  4. its yoshii,,
    do you have facebook that i can add.. thanksss


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