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Went to Richmond yesterday, walked around and shopped a little as there aren't many shops around in the area I live, esp there are no Superdrug or Boots. For the photos that I took in Richmond, go to my photoblog @ http://www.photoblog.com/kyanvi/

For last post, I bought Simple Cleansing Wipe, so here it is. The price of this one is cheaper in Superdrug and there's a free day cream sample. (however, if you are going to buy more than 2 skincare products, go to Boots instead as they are doing 3 for 2, for all skincare products)

I have a Ted Baker Set before when it was 1/2 price @ Boots. I intend to keep it rather than sell it on ebay, but the Mascara in this kit is in light Brown, which I dont even border to try on, so just sold it last week.

Ted Baker Master'ize Kit 1
The e/s here in this kit are nice, prefect for a purple-blue smoky eyes as there's a dark plum purpler eyeliner too.

This time I got the Blush kit as it is free when you buy any Ted Baker Bodywash product (not travel size though). There are 2 set of gift you can choose, either their blush set or their e/s kit. I dont like their e/s combination, and I only have 2&1/2 blushes, so got the blush instead.
(didnt find any photo of this online, so put up later)

Back to topic, I bought Ted Baker Moisturising Body Mist. I tried it yesterday after shower. It was brilliant. I hate to put on lotion, yet, my skin tends to be dry up by the surrounding and hot shower. I don't like Baby oil, don't like cream or lotions... So this idea of Spray is quite good as I can jus randomly spray on and use my hand to message a bit. Also, this smells lovely, not sure what exactly it smells like, but florish. So recommend for ladies who go to gym and shower there. Nice and easy.

n.b. according to the source I found online, it should smells like jasmine, rose, pear and apple. (http://www.kmibrands.com/corporate/pages/tb_bodywear/TBBodywear_Womens.htm)

Just realise how much I allow my bf to spend on beer and how little i spend on beauty products, as he always said 'you still haven't finish this and that; and got other similar stuff at home' or ' do you really need this? you got things similar at home'. (think some of you maybe already nodding while you read ;-P) So we make an argreement, he can continue to buy beer when its on sale and i will buy products that are only few quid if i want to without using all my existing products. This means that I am going to look forward to try all Boots, Superdrug, Simple, e.l.f., collection 2000, 17, Natural Collection and some of the Rimmel stuff... yahh......

This is the 1st product after this. I am a fan of any vitamin E products as i know they tends to be mild, easy to absorb, moisturing and SPF3!! As I have used Superdrug vitamin E body products before, so I think this should be okay.

It is on promotion atm, 1/2 price. So only cost me £1.xx and it has SPF 15. So look forward to try this one tomorrow as I need to go to work.

Summer is fading, so why I bought Bronzer when I already got one at home?

The one i am using now is quite redish/ orangish, so it cannot act as shading for my jaw bone. Currrently I have one foundation from The Body Shop that acts as shading, but seems its not as good as it used to be (but don't know why) So i rather get another 1.

The only trouble is, I want something that is dark and cheap. The foundation that available in Boots arent that dark and cheap. So i looked for Bronzer instead.
This one is quite similar to NYC, which I heard is quite good for cheap comestic, but the price in UK is even higher than Collection 2000, so why don't i get Collection 2000 instead??

For the Rimmel products, I dont have a eyebrow liner and heard that this is cheap and nice, so got this. The same reason for the concealer, heard it has been sold every 30sec since 1967, so worth to try out, as I havnt find out a perfect concealer for my dark circles >_<

p.s. i didnt realise i am so talkative.@.@

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