Primark Comestic Range Review 2

I went to Bath and Bristol this week as my brother moved to Bath.

I cannot believe that I have bought comestic stuff from Primark again. However, I found them as bargin...(although I should also cut down the amount of stuff that I bought from Primark, as every penny counts =.=///)

The Primark in Bristol is shocking. It was relatively empty on a weekend morning, while the one in March Arch is pack 24-7. It is so lovely to shop here as you dont need to hunt and try to avoid other shoppers.
So I bought 3 things from the new range, here they are:

1 Happy Couple - duo bronzer & blusher

From its look, it looks like things from benefit, with the paper box packing and the drawing/picture on the cover. When I open it, it is exactly looks like the Benefit one, with the mini brush. But the colour is more like the one I was thinking of buying on e.l.f. (which is the one that looks like Nars, I heard)
The brush, again, suprisingly soft and lovely. However the blush & bronzer arent that good, the colour aren't shown on my face compare with my Collection 2000 bronzer and The Body Shop blush.

2 Ta ta for now - undereye cooncealer

The only colour left in Bristol is light, so it wasnt as good as it might be, as I think i need a medium rather than light. Anyway, it is a cheap dupe of the YSL famous highlighter/concealer pen in pink plastic tube. The concealer itself is quite thin, so quite easy to blend around. It isnt too dry compare with my dior concealer, it is even rather moistursing, though the ability of concealing is low.

The brush is soft. The ONLY 1 PROBLEM is that it take ages to press out the concealer sometimes. I tried a few times, sometimes, 1 click can press out the concealer, but other times, at least 2-4 click, a bit annoying.

3. 9 1/2 winks -Extreme Falsh Lash Mascara

O.m.g. This is my favourite in this lots. There is a significant difference in this mascara which stands itself out in all the mascara that I got. I have used a few famous mascara, like Dior, Benefit, Lancome, Channel, etc. What so special about this mascara is that it really extend, volumising and curling my lashes. Even my boy friend can spot the visible difference when I put Lancome on one eye and Primark on the other.

For £2.50, it is really a bargin and this is the only one I really recomment to buy and try out. (although the eyebrow kit is nice, it doesnt show any siginificant difference other than the price)

The only 1 downfall is that it isn't waterproof, and it does not able to last long, so I need to put an extra layer of coating... but I am not sure which coating is good in the market though... sigh
So what should I try next?

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