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There has been quite a few discussion on this new makeup line by Superdrugs at the moment, and of course I popped in to have a look and bought 2 things to test out.

I bought 1 eyeshadow (in shade 16) and a black mascara. I have tested both already and for £1 rrp, this is quite a bargain.

The eyeshadow is quite good as it is quite highly pigmented, though I think metallic colours are much better than matte, like the one I bought here. After I read a few reviews, I think shade 9 is getting my attention most. lol.

And for the mascara, there's nothing really quite special about this as for lengthen and volumising purpose, I think there will be more better choices (though they will be more expensive). For just only £1, it is really good for anyone who is a beginner in makeup as it is so affordable.

Also, I have found a good use of this, as it has a really good staying power. Primark 9&1/2 mascara is really good for lengthen and volumising, but it does NOT stay for long. However, adding an extra coating of MUA mascara, my lashes were in good shape after around 10hrs later, so good investment, I suppose.

The only downfall is that there's only 86 stores across the whole country that sells MUA products, and for my readers in London, in Central London, we only able to get them in the Strand store, near Charing X. Or get them online, but the only downfall is £3 postage for order below £25.

There's one great saving method: if you have made a purchase recently, with the receipt, there's a feedback form that you can do online, which with a valid code that you collect after completed the form, there will be 25% off for Superdrugs own brand products for order above £10 within a month. That means only 75p each for MUA goodies!!!

How's this sounds?

Have a nice day!


p.s. I have won sleek fb competiion again!!!!!!!!
p.s.s. I have found my holy grail for eyeliner - Prestige Total Intensity!


  1. Congrats on winning again! You're damn lucky, lady! What have you won this time? I hope the full pout polish collection or the nail polishes. Maybe the kajals? I can't wait to see some pics. Damn, I'm too curious. :-) To be honest, the Svarovsky palette seems to be boring to me because I can do it myself thanks to the arts and crafts store. Besides, I prefer graffiti. Old Skool powa as I am old!;-) The main reason why I haven't taken part in this giveaway is that I'm superstitious in a way (yep, I'm a weirdo).
    Anyways, I can't wait to test some of the MUA products. It's a shame that you just bought 2 items. Shame on you! No, jk. I've already seen some pics and I'm very surprised that the quality isn't a disastrous. I'm very interested in their shimmery e/s, pigments, liquid liner and lipsticks. It's said that this make up line is creulty free whichs is wicked. Keep your fingers x-ed for me that I find the time to do a swap with my lovely swapper from the UK very soon. I keep my fingers x-ed for your exams!!!

  2. @ Mylanqolia, thanks~ i actually won the swarovsky palette... (though i much prefer the other prizes, i am really glad that i am v. lucky to win. lol)
    well, i just don't want to much stuff at home at the mo, as i am going to move house later on this year, so can always get them afterwards. ;-P, besides, eyeliner and mascara are the things i use daily but not e/s. having whole collection of sleek already close up my quota for getting more next e/s @.@
    and thanks.. i need more luck for my exams.


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