Kyanvi's Guide for shopping in London - Prologue

As some people know, I was born in Hong Kong and I have been living in UK for 10 years already! So i thought it maybe a good idea to write a short guide for shopaholic who lives outside UK. (or even who doesn't not live in London, I suppose)

This is just my personal observation from other bloggers' reviews and comments to find out what's hot pick from UK and  my personal recommendation, so please correct me or tell me more to build this up! Also, as more company breaking the boundary and move towards international business, you should check your local cosmetic stores to see whether they have import the stuff you want, so that save you some trouble and effort.

In these few days I will try to write up as detail as I can, and make sure you revisit this again if you found this interesting and useful as I will keep updating it as I am afraid my brain is too little that I may have dropped out some information when I was typing up this and only remember them afterwards.

As long as a list of brand for your shopping list, I will also include maps and traveling info.

Enjoy my guide.


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p.s.s. special thanks to http://images.photo-visible.com, as I copied the photo of London from this site

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