Aromatherapy Roll On

As well as skincare and makeup, there are factors that affect our body and skin condition. Therefore other than taking supplements and control the food intake, Aromatherapy is another way out.

The 3 roll on that I am using at the moment. These roll on can be used on the 'hot-spot' of the body, i.e. wrist, back of the neck, temple on the head. Some of the essential oil have really strong scent, so this can be used as perfume too. 

The Bontanics one is for clearing the mind and the one in the middle is my own DIY anti-stress & improve concentration. The one of the right hand side is for good sleep which my aunt bought me as a X'mas present from Bath, Body and Works in the States.

So if I got time tomorrow, I may just write up the recipe of the anti stress roll on.

Have a nice day.


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