Kynavi's Guide for shopping in London - Part I (photo and word heavy)

Guide Chapter 1

Boots & Superdrugs

I think these 2 stores are the most popular as they have almost every drugstore beauty products you need and from my observations, these are the brand that you may keep an eye on or do some research on:
(in no particular order)

Barry M

Rimmel (think now they have counter in HK, and readers from the States must have seen this in drugstores)

Collection 2000

Balm Balm (sadly, only lip balm available in bigger Superdrugs or Boots)

Bourjois (though i know they have their 1st shop in HK)

E45 skincare range

Simple Skincare Range

and the following are exclusive to Superdrugs 




BeautyUK (I only heard good reviews for their eyeshadow palette)

Amine Organic for younger skin

The following are exclusive to Boots
(Note: apparently for readers in the States, pop into your local Target, they have lots of Boots products when I was in Boston, this applies to all the exclusive to Boots brands below, as they are own by Boots)

Boots Traditional Skin care range (as I can't find any photos online, so I have to used mine instead @.@)

Botanics Skincare range

Prestige (readers from the States must have seen this in drugstores lol)

Boots Everyday Essential Cucumber skincare line


Natural Collection

No 7

Soap &Glory

Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Skincare Range (suggested by theztyle.com blogger Birdy)

And for Boots store that are bigger in size (I will note this in my next post for Boots store location)

Ruby & Millie

Urban Decay (it's much cheaper in the States, so mainly for Asia buyers, I suppose.)

Too Faced

Please note that for the products in these photos may not be the ones that are very popular and waved for, just an idea of how the products look like as I just 'googled' these photos.

And for copy rights, I am not the owner of these photos, please click the photo for their origin and please tell me to remove if it is inappropriate.

Also here the list of brand that you may have a look at if you are interested as some of the products may not available in your local area due to different marking policy for these international company. Or some of the brands here are the ones that now available aboard as far as I concern, but slightly more costly to get.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden




La Roche Posay



Good Skin Lab

Yes to Carrot


What else? Can anyone give me more suggestions?

Didn't realise there's so many to talk about shopping in Boots and Superdrugs, my god...

Useful site:


p.s. drop me a feedback if you want to read more, so that I will write up the rest faster!


  1. I deffo envy you for Superdrug! Do they have the new 1 quid brand called Make Up Academy? I've read about this brand at Tanya's and Fee's blogs. Maybe you know more? Btw, I'm looking forward to seeing new haul post and reviews. But take your time as school is more important! X

  2. @Mylanqolia: yea, i have heard of this too, i cant wait to check them out in store, i definitly am going to buy a few things... haha...
    not haul/ reviews at the mo, as i have already type up a few chapter for the guide and have arrange the 'pre-publish' function (forgot the name in english, as i normally use chinese version blogger@.@). ;-P as i am off to holiday soon.

  3. p.s. just right before my exams... i think i gone crazy when i bought the train tics.


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